Concord Music Group

2009 IES Award of Merit

Architect: Joel Noel & Deb Longua-Zamero

Concord Music Group (CMG) is one of the largest and fastest-growing independent music companies in the world. An amalgamation of Concord Records, Fantasy Records and Telarc Records each of these companies brings a roster of current artist and legendary catalogs. Such a reach allows CMG to be innovators in how they deliver today’s artists and package classic music for new generations of listeners.

CMG’s focus to “enrich lives by providing music of timeless appeal in innovative ways” extends to the lighting design for their garden level space. The goal of the multipurpose space was to maximize and expand the natural light available to the space.

The Reception area serves multiple functions; the space opens for entertaining, and retractable glass walls are pulled from their concealed location behind illuminated panels when conference space is needed. The glass for the conference enclosure is frosted in the middle providing privacy; the clear top and bottom provide light throughout.

The one hundred foot long wall that stretches the length of the space is constructed from 25, four-foot self-illuminating LED panels. This completely custom installation required that some panels be operable, concealing storage closets and office space, while others are static and stationary. They serve as billboard for the latest project.

The overhead lighting requirements included appropriate levels for workday activities. The randomly located and various sized sky dome fixtures are concave glowing discs. Dimmable fluorescent lamps were utilized.

The architecture of the open office area contains custom workstations with glowing acrylic panels to provide some of the task light. Suspended exposed modernized strip lights within hung grids of suspended acoustic panels provide overhead light.

Lighting intent in private offices was to use as few lighting fixtures as possible; we integrated fluorescent indirect up lights between all and clearstory.

Task lighting is supplemented with LED portable lamps.

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