Pacific Palisades Residence

2011 IES Award of Merit

Architect: Ehrlich Architects
6,500 sq.ft.

The lighting integrates seamlessly with the architecture and interiors. The intent of the lighting is to blend into the overall design, adding to the overall effects while not drawing attention to itself. The lighting accentuates architecture, lighting horizontal task surfaces and illuminated vertical planes via adjustable wall washers and lensed wall washers.

Materiality and connectivity between architect and landscape are key architectural elements throughout this Palisades Residence which are accentuated and enhanced through the lighting design.

The Entry sequence leads from the pedestrian gate to the entry portal are uplight with burial LED uplights. The bedrooms are on the second floor, use a combination of IRIS PAR30 downlights and MR16 lensed wall washers.

LED lights throughout the project bring energy savings, long lamp life, and ease of maintenance, along with safe, low heat producing fixtures which is crucial because these fixtures continuously light this textured stone wall seamlessly inside and out. The wall grazing uplights reveal the stone’s texture and rice tones along its length.

The Living Room is central in the home. Open to the front and rear yards, the dramatic look of the space is connected to the exterior spaces be recessed lighting in the wood ceiling that carries through the full height glass. All MR16 fixtures are used, a combination of IRIS downlights and adjustable wall washers.

The wood ceiling system was precisely detailed to house the IRIS IC-rated housings and center the aperture with in the wood slat.

A simple pendant suspended in the kitchen anchors the table. Recessed IRIS compact fluorescent dimmable fixtures are the ambient lighting in the Kitchen, serving the Owner’s interest in more green lighting solutions while meetings California’s energy codes. IRIS MR16 recessed downlights provide task lighting over the work surfaces.

A common space for family, the kitchen and dining room is delineated by separately controlled lighting zones. Lenses wall washers illuminate the stone wall behind the sofa. IRIS PAR30 downlights provide the general illumination in the family room, a softer warm light that the LR16 lamps.

Mirror mounted dimmable sconces provide illumination over the vanity unit leaving a clean ceiling plan. Concealed undercabinet LED’s provide a night light and create a floating effect to the cabinet. IRIS shower downlights are used to the right and left to light the shower and tub.

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