Private Residence

Photographer: Kristine Che

Located in southern California, the exterior lighting intent is an elegant appearance befitting to the architectural style. A decorative fixture family consists of pendants, and large and small scale sconces.

Steplights illuminated stairs. Burial uplights accentuate archways linked with a single suspended decorative pendant, creating depth.

The drive way leading into the motor court is presented with an illuminated fountain, which serves as the terminal vista.

The open plan living space is controlled via lighting control system. The tiered cove serves as the ambient lighting system, integrated with fluorescent lights controlled on a 1% dimming ballast.

Etched glass illuminated with fluorescent edge lighting completes the chic tone. MR16 downlights with decorative trim present the impression of a seamless finish.

In addition to the bar, MR16 uplights provide light within the display niche.

As seen in the interior overview (see photo 004), similar cove condition lighting using a 1% dimming ballast is utilized to carry through a design theme. To spread light along the counter, a fixed series of pendants hang from the ceiling. Home owners have the option to apply light integrated into the cabinetry using puck lights.

A custom decorative pendant is centered over the dining room table to emit a soft light. MR16 downlights are placed to illuminate artwork at the niches.

A decorative pendant anchored over the sink spreads light throughout the powder room. Uplight installed below the etched glass sink produce an appealing glow. MR16 downlights are used to accent the art.

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