Intelligent Beauty

2009 IES Award of Merit

Architect: Moshiri Associates
El Segundo, CA

Intelligent Beauty synthesizes cutting edge technology and science to bring the latest in beauty to the masses. IB Incubator is a complete, start-to-finish solution for bringing beauty brands to life.

When considering lighting for their 14,000 square foot, state-of-the-art Ideation Center, the goal was to provide a refined industrial space with finishes that reflect the needs of a company taking raw ingredients and transforming them into a finished product. Lighting is used to create a contemporary, clean atmosphere with color accents to portray mood, depending on the multiple functions being demanded of the space.

The company identity provides the backdrop for the reception area. Intelligent Beauty graphic is displayed on plexiglas backlit by color changing fluorescent. The color can be static or dynamic, on command from the reception desk.

The reception area opens to a central ellipse shaped space, which serves a dual purpose of showcase and function. During the day the free-form area is a workspace for models, photographers, researchers and the IB products. In the evening the lighting transforms the mood into the ideal space for entertaining.

The ellipse ceiling hovers above, giving the space an airy feeling. This smooth finished section in contrast to the buildings exposed ceiling, contains two concentric ellipses of decorative down lights, along with fluorescent strip lights sitting above to uplight the exposed ceiling, creating the floating ceiling effect. The signature pieces are the five Louis Poulsen ‘Collage” pendants, consisting of three layers of punched out smoke gray acrylic.
The full bar, a requirement of a space which witnesses photo shoots and product launch parties, falls in the terminal vista of the space. So the eye does not get lost in a dark corner, the bar has a glowing quality, and is yet another area where lighting elements and texture combine to reveal something of the character of the client.

The remainder of the space is an open, communal work area, conference rooms and private offices. The purpose of the fixtures in the main work area is to achieve the appropriate lighting levels with minimal impact; the fixtures disappear into the ceiling.

Private offices also requiring appropriate lighting levels are accented with colored back walls. Ceiling mounted wall washers provide an even lighting vista from the outside.

The lighting achieves the client’s goals of a center that provides the ideal creative environment to inspire innovation and invoke passion for their brands.

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