About our company

Since starting eSquared Lighting Design in January 2004, we have designed and managed a wide variety of project types including residences, offices, retail, mixed use, worship, and landscapes. We have made a conscious decision to work on a wide range of project types instead of specializing in one architectural niche. This diversity keeps the team knowledgeable about the latest lighting techniques and technologies, bringing creativity and freshness to each project. We have a client-based approach to design that strives to create an atmosphere that is comfortable and seamlessly integrated into daily use.

Our Process

The team at eSquared Lighting Design, is involved in all phases of a project, from schematic design through construction and post occupancy. The primary focus is to achieve the highest quality illuminated environments through effective communication with Clients and Design Teams to simultaneously meeting the Architect’s aesthetic desires, the programmatic requirements, and lighting budget. eSquared Lighting offers creative design, effective and concise lighting documentation for a successful lighting installation.

Since 2004, eSquared Lighting has designed and managed a wide variety of projects including commercial, production and post-production spaces, residential, retail, places of worship, multi-unit dwellings, assisted living homes, building facades, and exterior landscapes.

eSquared Lighting has made a conscious decision to create a broad based and project diverse portfolio, not specializing in one architectural niche. This diversity keeps the firm aware of all cutting-edge lighting techniques and brings creativity and freshness to each project. When the client walks into a completed project and comments on the feel and atmosphere of the space without identifying any particular features, our job is complete. The design team worked together to create an environment where each design discipline is seamlessly integrated.

In addition to an accomplished commercial design portfolio, eSquared Lighting has developed numerous residential projects treating the owner-clients to the team’s comforting and efficient management style. The firm’s residential design work ranges from ultra-modern to mountain lodge vernacular and are located throughout the United States.

Dynamically Colored Environments

The story of light cannot be told in just two dimensions; humans perceive more than mere light and dark.

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