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Foley & Lardner LLP


When working long hours in a law office in a highrise, there is little exposure to natural light. Over time, this irregular circadian pattern is a factor causing many mental and physical health issues. In an effort to combat such effects, this law firm’s office is designed to draw cues from nature to support health and wellness. Glare from electric lights is minimized throughout the project by using indirect lighting for general lighting. The office’s central hub utilizes color tuning lights programmed to match the color of daylight, as it is the furthest space from perimeter windows. Color temperature ranging from 2700-5000K, continuously shifting with signals from an astronomical clock. Being sandwiched between highrise floors, the only source of natural light is the perimeter of the office. For this reason, light coves become a regular architectural language to give the illusion of skylight and clerestory ceiling penetration. These lighting techniques compliment natural wood finishes and bright and vibrant surfaces. Because much of their day is spent reviewing documents, office occupants require high, even light levels with low contrast ratios, surpassing typical IES recommendations. Highly efficient fixtures with diffuse light output were strategically chosen to achieve the desired lighting effect with extreme wattage restrictions of California’s Energy Codes. Beyond that, due to budget constraints, many fixtures were eliminated during the VE process so extra care was given to assure occupants would be comfortable with the minimum number of light fixtures. Additionally, the majority of fixtures are surface-mounted or recessed in a tile ceiling, making them accessible for future maintenance.

Los Angeles, CA
Rottet Studio