Dynamically Colored Environments

The story of light cannot be told in just two dimensions; humans perceive more than mere light and dark. Through training and experience, eSquared brings a comprehensive set of theatrical tools and techniques to the collaborative table, enabling environments to be rendered in the complete spectrum of color.

The story of the natural environment is told through a rich spectrum of color. Incorporating these hues into the built environment reflects that beautiful complexity. The warm, amber glow of firelight, the subtly shifting pink hues of a sunset, and the crisp blue of the sky all serve as nuanced signals to our bodies and minds, prompting relaxation, energization, or a sense of excitement and wonder. When executed with careful consideration and refined design sensibilities, the recreation of these feelings and sensations transports the built environment into the full-dimensional world of color.

Our expertise lies in telling the complete and vibrant story of a space through thoughtful execution and a deep understanding of design principles. We are experts in the design techniques, fixture technology, and controls infrastructure used to create these environments and have the experience to execute even the most complex designs.