Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills

Architect: Rios Clementi Hale Studios
Photographer: Brian Pink

After 55 years of occupying its current synagogue building, designed by mid-century architect Sidney Eisenshtat, the synagogue embarked on a mission to reflect the shifts in the way that the Temple was perceived and used while still respecting Eisenshtat’s original vision. They retained as architects RCH Studios. Uplights were added to dramatize the columns and create a reflective ambient glow in the entry space.

75-W PAR38 adjustable downlights illuminate the bimah. Four framing projectors illuminate the tablets and the lions, original pieces. Behind the bimah is a full-height wall formed of vertical white-painted wood slats backed with white fabric. 54-W T5HO dimmable fluorescent fixtures graze the wall while lighting the platform below. MH uplight lit original stain glass sculptures.

The original decorative seven-arm sconce that commemorates Hanukah, the holiday of the lights, are originals that have been refitted with dimming fluorescent and new acrylic diffusers.

A retracable wall between sanctuary and social hall opens for services in the round creating a vast starry night effect with a subtle hint of northern lights.

A 13-ft diameter oculus was installed to introduce daylight and to ground the center of the “in the round” services. A simple LED pendant is installed to give a sparkle in the oculus at night. The tiny dot of light in the photo is the lamp. The oculus is outlined with a cool white LED cove contrasted by a dark border inset with eight 75w PAR38 adjustable downlights that light a table when services are in the round.

Defining the social hall are a dozen ceiling mounted aluminum rings that symbolize the twelve ancient tribes of Israel with user controlled RGB LEDs within the channels.

The RBG channels allow each user to personalize the effect they desire for their event.

Recessed compact fluorescent downlights and lensed wall washers are used to highlight the architectural forms, light the vertical services and to keep it simple.

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